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Boosting Attorney Bios with Person Schema

Boosting Attorney Bios with Person Schema

We just launched our latest video on How to Add Person Schema to Your Attorney Bio on YouTube.

What is Person Schema?

Think of Person Schema as a way to tell search engines more about your individual lawyers while also making it more likely that your lawyers image and bio will be featured in search. By adding structured data markup to your bios, you're essentially providing a detailed resume that Google can easily understand and use to display your attorneys more prominently in search results.

person schema featured

In the example above, we see Google using personal injury lawyer, Jason M. Hatfield's person schema to display his law office in the search bar while typing his name.

In this video, I help you understand:

  • Learn how Person Schema helps Google enhance search results for lawyers.
  • Step-by-Step Implementation: How to Add Person Schema using the RankMath SEO plugin for WordPress.
  • Scaling for Larger Firms: For firms with multiple attorneys, I explore the Schema Pro plugin and its benefits for managing numerous bios.
  • Benefits Beyond Rankings: Ranking enhancements are just one of the ways Person Schema is valuable for lawyers.

The Schema for Lawyers Series Has More to Offer

In less than one month, we will be releasing the Video Schema for Lawyers video which will conclude our Schema for Lawyers Series... but we're just getting started on covering all of the many pieces of law firm marketing.