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Targeting a Niche Clientele Offers Search Engine Optimization Benefits

We use Google as a standard in search engine optimization because their ranking algorithm is the most stable, relevant, and widely used. Claiming more than 80 percent of North American search queries each month, Google is the standard we use to do search engine marketing.

Google is interested in showing only the most relevant, high-quality websites for each search query. If people search for something on Google and messy, obnoxious websites always show up first, Google loses its credibility. However, if they show quality, clean, easy to navigate, highly relevant websites then they will continue to dominate the search engine market.

If Google is looking at two websites side by side to determine which website is the most relevant for the keyphrase “Chicago divorce lawyer”, which of the following examples would you choose?

Website 1:
Law firm name: The Chicago Family Law Firm
First headline on website: Chicago Divorce Lawyers
Second headline on website: Your divorce, child custody, and family law issues in Chicago are in good hands with the Chicago Family Law Firm.

Website 2:
Law firm name: Law Offices of Smith & White
First headline: Trust the Chicago law firm of Smith & White with your personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, real estate transaction, and corporate legal needs.
Second headline: Experienced Chicago Lawyers

Looking at the two text-only examples (text is how all search engines see websites), which website would you put at the top of the search engines for someone typing in “Chicago divorce lawyer”?

I am sure Google would choose Website 1.

With that said, you do not necessarily have to build different websites for every practice area. Your website can list different areas of practice that you offer but the focus should be on the top three practice areas you really want to zone in on for new clients and cases.

When your law firm marketing company begins your project, the keyphrases they select should be based on your region and practice area. We have found that most people search for lawyers by typing in the closest major metro area then the area of law they need. However, keyword research is always needed because not every city and practice area combination follows the same rules. Some cities may have more inquiries for “attorney” rather than “lawyer” or the practice area before the city, such as divorce lawyer Boston being more popular than the practice area after the city (i.e. Boston divorce lawyer).

Strong keyword research and a website focusing on a niche practice area can help you build a bigger law firm™.

Let's Build a Bigger Law Firm™ Together

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