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Marketing the Modern Elder Law Firm

It is an exciting time to be an elder law and estate planning attorney. Your target audience is larger than they have ever been and they are getting more technologically savvy. This means you can reach out to them in a number of different ways that are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional television and print advertisements.

The modern elder law firm needs to be focused on education. A lot of people hear about “elder law” or talk with their friends and family about “estate planning” but they may not know what it is, why it is important, and what it really entails. If you become their educator, you will be become their lawyer.

Before you start drafting articles, you should know that with a more technologically savvy audience comes many opportunities to educate and generate leads beyond articles and print literature. Let's look at a few.

1) Video Libraries – Nobody wants to watch an advertisement, but many prospective clients are interested in learning. Make a series of videos that are 1-2 minutes long explaining various areas of elder law and estate planning. The videos can be on your website within a single video page, added to the pages of relevant practice areas within your site, or on a YouTube channel. Once the video is produced and online, it doesn't have to stop there. Share it on Facebook. Tweet about it on Twitter. Broadcast it on Google Plus. Link to it within an email newsletter. If you film it and share it, it will get viewers.

2) Blogging – Content is still king so writing is very important. However, make sure you are writing to your target audience, not the legal community. You want your blogs to be easily understood by your prospective clients but still be informative and authoritative. Blogs are usually around 250-400 words. If you have a long topic that you would like to discuss, break it up into multiple blog entries.

3) iTunes – Doing routine podcasts are a great way to stay connected with potential clients. In fact, you can base the shows on your blogging topics. A podcast doesn't have network affiliates or advertisers to please so you are in full control. Make it interesting and as long as you would like. Of course, we recommend keeping it under 30 minutes. You can take a similar approach as recommended above under blogging and break up longer topics into multiple 10-minute shows.

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