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Law Firm Marketing By Design for Different Practice Areas – Part II

We recently covered design and color schemes for divorce lawyer, personal injury lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers. This week, we wrap up our two-part series with immigration, criminal defense, employment, and estate planning lawyers.

Immigration Lawyers
Whereas many areas of the law should project a compassionate image, immigration lawyers can be less fluffy and more inspiring. A design that instills hope will best communicate with their target market. It would be completely inappropriate to stand in a dark room, looking tough, arms crossed, and holding a gavel. That would not communicate with hopeful citizens. You should inspire hope with your design while instilling confidence with credentials. A “land of opportunity” theme is a better choice than a “tough angry lawyer” theme.

Criminal Defense
Criminal defense attorneys have it a little easier. Depending on their target client base (white collar, DUI, domestic violence, sex crimes, etc), the style they should approach can vary. A white collar criminal defense lawyer should pursue a corporate look emphasizing historical successes. In contrast, a DUI lawyer should focus on a personable look since their average client may not respond to a sharp corporate image.

Employment Law
The image of employment law varies. Employer rights attorneys should have a corporate look but employee rights attorneys needs to appear personable. Employees needing employee rights attorneys are generally stressed, fearing their future (especially if they have already lost their job at the time), and will best respond to an image of compassion and competence with a hint of dark boldness. What exactly does that mean? Use calming colors and imagery for the site’s design and maybe some darker graphical elements.

Elder Law and Estate Planning
In most practice areas, you have essentially a right and wrong party, a conflict, or accusation. Estate planning is different. With exception to contested wills, elder law and estate planning is all about preventing conflict. It is about preparing your assets so that children and loved ones can have an inheritance rather than debt once their parents and grandparents pass away. It is important to be warm and inviting. Elder law and estate planning firms should avoid corporate colors and imagery of concerned people. Images should reflect peaceful adults, active adults, and adults enjoying the later part of their lives. Remember, you are marketing to an audience that is between 30 and 50 years old. It is the offspring of senior citizens that oftentimes instigate the search for an attorney. You want a design that gives the appearance of positive outcomes and pleasant golden years.

A combination of using the proper color schemes and implementing basic eye direction will help make your website an asset to your law firm by converting web traffic to phone calls, emails, and ultimately, new cases.

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