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How your law firm can dominate Google for hundreds of keyphrases

Lawyer faq seoYour search engine optimization strategy is often centered around high-traffic, targeted keywords. These keywords are generally based on a city and practice area, like “New York personal injury lawyer” or “San Francisco business attorney” or “Divorce lawyer in Seattle.” But many law firms have learned how to dominate hundreds of keyphrases simply by answering questions.

To do this, consider all of the questions prospective clients have asked during consultations. A family law attorney could consider the following:

How long does a divorce take?
Will a divorce ruin my credit?
What happens to my house in a divorce?
What happens to my business in a divorce?

While a question like “What happens to my business in a divorce?” gets very few searches in Google, the individuals searching for that answer will probably be larger clients.

But what above the first question, the one about the time it takes to get a divorce? Here are some variations of that question and the number of monthly inquiries it receives in Google:

How long does a divorce take? - 320 monthly inquires in Google
How long does a take to get a divorce? - 210 monthly inquires in Google
How does divorce mediation work? - 12 monthly inquires in Google

If you create a library of 50-100 questions that receive 10-to-300 monthly inquires in Google, your firm will be exposed to a brand new audience of potential clients, ones not using the popular keyphrases.

When reviewing the law firms that use this strategy, we see hundreds of visitors coming into their site every month using keyphrases that start with “how,” “why,” “when,” and “will.” Sure, these informative pages only get a couple of visitors each, but those visitors are getting there with a keyphrase that has very limited competition.

Setting up multiple pages to answer questions will help drive traffic to your website and improve the quality of your site, thus helping it rank better for your popular tools. It's one of the most valuable content investments you can make in your website.

Editor's note: This week's Legal Marketing Weekly story was scheduled to be about slogans. Slogan's for law firms will be covered this week on the SEO | Law Firm blog.

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