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How your firm should combine PR and SEO strategies

News on tabletPreviously, we looked at how PR and SEO are inextricably intertwined in the modern content marketing world. Here, we will take a look at some strategies companies can use to integrate their PR and SEO marketing.

What might a combination of PR and SEO look like? Robin Swire recently wrote on Moz about a PR stunt his firm orchestrated for a client specializing in parking lots. The “Bonkers for Conkers” promotion allowed drivers using the company’s parking lots to pay using conkers, or horse chestnuts, which were then donated to a nature reserve.

The first step to getting the word out was issuing a press release that integrated strategies such as keywords and links to the client’s website. The story was soon running in the national media, then international outlets. Online, the response could be seen in new visitors to the company’s website and in thousands of people engaging with the car park’s Twitter and Facebook. The business saw long-lasting increases in site traffic, sales and search engine rankings.

The combination of PR and SEO will look much different for a law firm than for a parking lot, and not all PR stunts need to go viral to be effective. However, this example has some lessons that are applicable to any business looking to effectively integrate their PR and SEO strategies.

First, timing and urgency are essential. This can be accomplished by relating the campaign to current events, such as local news stories, or to upcoming holidays and seasonal events. Businesses can also create a sense of urgency by creating a time-limited event that requires action on the part of the audience.

The quality of the campaign is essential. Audiences will respond to original, interesting approaches, but will tune out the mundane. They will also respond to content or offers that have value, such as informative, objective content or special deals.

Finally, it is essential to objectively measure the effectiveness of different strategies. When Swire saw the increase in page visits and social media engagement, it allowed the company to jump on the excitement and do another, smaller-scale PR stunt. Measurements allow businesses to amplify what they are doing right and abandon ineffective techniques.