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Google Adds Video Enhancements to Search Console: Is Your Law Firm's Website Ready?

Google Adds Video Enhancements to Search Console: Is Your Law Firm’s Website Ready?

While internet speeds used to all but prohibit the use of embedded videos for law firm websites, that is no longer the case. In fact, last year, the average download speed in the United States was an impressive 93.98 Mbps, which is twice the global average of 46.25 Mbps. Given that the majority of Americans have the ability to seamlessly view an embedded video, more and more law firms are including videos on their website.

In the highly competitive legal field, law firms have jumped at the opportunity to better connect with potential clients. No longer are law firm websites limited to blocks of text with a contact form at the bottom. Most law firms now employ much more interactive technology, using graphics and video to make an impression on potential clients. Videos in particular provide firms with a great way to show off the testimonial of a satisfied client or introduce one of the firm’s partners to browsers.

Like other aspects of a website, videos are not just important for the content they provide to browsers, but can also be a way to draw potential customers to a firm’s page. Google recently announced that there will be two new reports that will help determine how well videos are performing on Google Search and Google Discover. The reports will also allow site owners to identify and fix any issues with their videos.

The New Google Video Reports

Currently, there are three ways that a searcher can come across a video through Google:
1. A video appears in the main search page;
2. A video shows up under the “Videos” tab; or
3. A video is suggested as recommended content through Google Discover.

The new reports will allow show the performance of video content in each of these three categories.

Video Enhancement Report

For sites that use structured data to mark up their videos, the Search Console will now contain a new report entitled, “Videos.” As is the case with other Search Console reports, the new video report shows both the pages that contain errors as well as those that are running error-free. Additionally, the new Videos report can be used to validate a fix when an error is resolved by triggering Google to re-crawl the page at issue.

Video Appearances Report

Previously, Google Search Console was limited when it came to analyzing the effectiveness of video content. Specifically, Search Console would only report on the performance of video content that showed up in the “Videos” tab of a Google Search. However, with the newly released report, law firms will be can track a video’s performance in both the main search results tab as well as the Google Discover feed. This allows firms to more completely evaluate the performance of crucial video content, and tweak it accordingly.

The Takeaway

Few businesses are as competitive as the legal field. Thus, developments to the Google Search Console are critical for law firms hoping to make the most out of each marketing dollar. The two new Search Console reports will allow law firms to better track the effectiveness of their current marketing strategy and make any necessary changes to ensure that potential clients are directed to their page and remain engaged while visiting.

Tony Chiaramonte is a content developer for law firms at Custom Legal Marketing.