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How to Write PPC Ads That Convert

How to Write PPC Ads That Convert

Google Ads -- those little banners that appear at the top of Google searches -- wield a lot of power. There are only three possible outcomes. 1. Someone searching for a lawyer in your area sees your Ad, clicks, and converts. 2. Someone clicks, but doesn’t convert. Or 3. Even if your Ad appears near the top of their search, a potential client might read it with glazed-over eyes. The copy doesn’t stand out, and it doesn’t speak to them, so they will forget about ever having seen it.

This is why most people hate writing headlines for Google Ads. They’re only 30 characters long, but it seems like so much is at stake in them. With that much pressure, it’s easy to see how they can feel so hard to write.

At CLM, we’ve managed millions of dollars in PPC spending. Here’s what the data tells us about headlines that convert best.

1. Headlines are most effective when they are simple and actionable.
2. You’ll want to use keywords used in the Google search.
3. State the benefits to the potential client.
4. Include a call to action.

To get started on the draft of your Google Ad copy, you need to think like a potential client. What are the keywords and phrases they might use in their Google search? Usually, your main headline will almost match their search terms word for word. For example, if someone is looking up a Bank Fraud attorney in Los Angeles, the law firm might use this as their Google Ad headline: “Los Angeles Bank Fraud Attorney.” Or, for a more focused location search, they could use this: “Santa Monica Bank Fraud Attorney.”

Next, you’ll include a second (or third) headline. You have some flexibility here. Maybe you will include a call to action, like “Call for a Free Consultation,” or a benefit that you can offer your clients, like “You Don’t Pay Unless We Win.” These sorts of statements stand out and meet those who are ready to hire a lawyer clients at their buying stage. Your ad will make it easy for them to land on your page, and that’s where the conversation will begin.

After the headlines, you can include description lines. The rule of thumb here is this: State what you offer, while also mentioning an impressive fact about your firm that will lend you credibility. For instance, you can mention how many years of experience your firm has, or how much money you’ve awarded in past cases, which does two things at once: It tells potential clients what they can expect to gain from you, while helping you seem like the best choice amongst many.

You might also consider another angle, in which you give an approachable impression of your firm, using keywords like “Personal Service” or “Proudly Serving,” “Family Atmosphere,” or “Available 24/7.” If that’s not your speed, then maybe you can attract a client with other buzzwords like “Aggressively Defending,” “Award-Winning Attorneys,” or “40 Years of Experience.”

As you brainstorm headlines and description lines, try coming up with lists of keywords and phrases that accurately describe your services. Once you have this list, you can pull them together to craft an ad that will have high click-through and conversion rates.

Finally, we’ll leave you with examples of high quality Google Ads to help you craft your own. We’ve created these examples based on those we’ve made that had the highest conversion ratings and click through ratings.

Headline 1: Top Personal Injury Lawyers
Headline 2: You Don’t Pay Unless We Win
Headline 3: LAW FIRM NAME
Description 1: Call for a Free Consultation. Over $100 Million Awarded. 30+ Years of Experience.

Headline 1: Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys
Headline 2: Call for a Free Consultation
Headline 3: LAW FIRM NAME
Description 1: Personal Service From an Award Winning Bankruptcy Lawyer
Description 2: We Are A Boutique Law Firm With Over 30 Years of Experience

Headline 1: Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorneys
Headline 2: No Fee Unless You Win
Headline 3: LAW FIRM NAME
Description 1: An Award Winning Personal Injury Law Firm Specializing in Slip and Fall Accidents
Description 2: Available 24/7. Personal Service. Proudly Serving for Over 45 years.

Creating a headline is just the beginning. You can set up a promising PPC campaign, but it won’t go anywhere without a strategy to keep it running. To optimize conversion, it takes a team of experts to continually adjust your campaign to changes in the Google Ad landscape. CLM has the insight and expertise to help you do just that.

Cristina Fríes is a MA in English/Creative Writing from UC Davis (2019), and is a legal marketing strategist and content developer for CLM. Her interests include creating compelling marketing content, writing books, and traveling the world.