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How to Create a Successful Pro Bono Program For Your Law Firm, and Other Must-Reads

How to Create a Successful Pro Bono Program For Your Law Firm, and Other Must-Reads

Pro Bono Service Recognition Programs: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls (Law Practice Today)

Is your law firm considering implementing your own pro bono program? This article provides some best practices on creating and maintaining effective volunteer programs.

"In communities across the country, countless pro bono programs offer a wide variety of pro bono opportunities to lawyers. The pro bono programs that enjoy long-term success, in most cases, have figured out how to effectively recognize and show appreciation to their volunteers. When volunteers feel appreciated, they are routinely happier and more productive volunteers."

How Can Lawyers Find Flow? (Abajournal)

What is flow and why do lawyers need it? The flow state can be defined as "the optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best". In this article, dives deeper into how working in a state can be beneficial for lawyers in their particular practice and provides some tools for success.

Best Holiday Gifts For Lawyers (Clio)

Are you lost for ideas to gift your fellow attorneys who are perpetually busy? Here is a list of the best holiday gifts that save time, increase productivity or destress from a long work day.

How To Check Google Search Results For Different Locations (Search Engine Land)

"When doing SEO, make sure to focus on search results specific to your location - this is where your true competitors are. In this article, learn how to view competitors on Google from a country, city and street level.

Creating a More Compelling and Interesting About Page to Drive Traffic and Covert Leads (Bigger Law Firm)

"One of the most important – but also overlooked – pages on any law firm’s website is the “About” page. Simply stated, an About page is a webpage where prospective clients can learn about a law firm and often, find links to the individual attorney’s bios." Learn how you can create compelling and useful About Pages for your own law firm website.

In case you missed it:

Website Credibility Seal

Boost Your Law Firm Website Performance with this Web Credibility Checklist

Trust is one of the most important part of having a successful attorney-client relationship. Having a credible website for your law firm is the first step in building that trust. Here is a checklist your firm can use to ensure your website is designed to be credible and trustworthy.

Jessylyn Los Banos is a content developer for law firms at Custom Legal Marketing.