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What Images Tell Your Prospective Clients

When developing your law firm's website, a lot of emphasis is put on design, layout, and graphics but the images you use can set a tone for your visitors too. The right tone can improve conversion, while the wrong one can chase visitors away.

Aside from photographs of staff lawyers, your website will probably use stock imagery. Such images are purchased (generally) under a royalty-free license. This means that you pay for the image and may use it indefinitely for that one media source (your website). Stock imagery license fees should be bundled into your overall design costs unless you are seeking high-value licenses or limited licenses that need to be maintained.

When selecting a picture for your site, think about the mood it sets. Avoid generic imagery if possible. For example, a divorce lawyer should not use a picture of two characters yelling at each other. That is the experience the client is coming from, and you do not want your brand associated with that emotion. Use images that reflect a successful outcome.

For example, business lawyers should use images of a construction site, and personal injury attorneys should seek pictures of a person in a wheelchair in a nice house or surroundings. A family law attorney is recommended to use images like a single parent playing a board game with two children.

You want the images on your website to reflect the life the person wants to have after you successfully represent them more so than pictures of where they are now.

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