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More Traffic than and Yellow Pages

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Not mentioned in the state report below, this law firm received an overwhelming majority of traffic from Law Firm Newswire.

We love marketing law firms, improving brands, and helping you communicate in a way that brings in new clients. But we are also competitive, so when a report is released showing one part of SEO | Law Firm's marketing plan sending more traffic to lawyers than, FindLaw's directory, Yellow Pages and other legal directories, we have to share the news.

Every quarter, we do a customer-wide analysis to see how our attorneys are doing. We look at the detailed statistics to see where traffic is coming from, what visitors are doing and for how long, conversion rates, and a bunch of other data. With news releases on being a strong part of our lawyer marketing plan, we like to see how Law Firm Newswire compares with legal directories.

The result?

advialytics 284160452

Lawyers in popular practice areas can capitalize on hot news items. This client (not mentioned in text report) did just that and reaped the rewards.


100% of SEO | Law Firm clients got more traffic from than,, online Yellow Pages, and legal directories in the 4th quarter of 2011. We cannot share individual client data, so we picked a few real clients and titled the law firms by the state in which they practice.

The number on the right reflects visitors for the quarter. The left reflects the website that referred the visitors.

Arkansas – 136 – 6 – 4 – 3

California – 125 – 35 – 14 - 11

Florida – 225 – 23 – 4 – 3

Illinois – 121 – 19 – 13 – 8

New Jersey – 146 – 18 – 9 – 8

New York – 206 – 202 – 28 – 4

Ohio – 298 – 10 – 6 – 4

Texas – 567 – 20 – 4 – 4

In all events, was the number 1 referrer of traffic. In the released report, we omitted non-directory websites from the lineup, however was the top referrer of traffic among ALL website sources not just when compared to directories.

Other websites that generally gave more visitors to the law firm’s websites than directories (but less than included:
Practice area specific networks (i.e.,, etc) (for lawyers that are blog contributors)

We decided to share the one case (New York) where almost took away our crown as they only under delivered by 4 visitors. It was the only case where any referrer was close but we found it to be interesting. The location and niche practice area might have something to do with the result.
News releases are just one part of our marketing plan. When we factor in traffic from high ranking Google Places pages, syndicated blog entries, social networking, published content, and search engine results, I am reminded why we have so much fun doing what we do.

We love building bigger law firms!

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