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Connect with Clients Through Powerful Pictures and Taglines

Your law firm’s website must capture users’ attention within seconds. Creating compelling photo and headline combinations is one of the more effective ways of drawing users in. A thoughtfully chosen image coupled with a short headline that evokes an emotional response can compel visitors to read more. And the longer prospects stay on your website, the more likely they are to contact your firm.

Copy and photography create something of a chicken and egg scenario in website design. Which comes first? That may depend on whom you ask. Some claim that they come up with the visual concept first and then create headline options that they can winnow down to create the perfect mix. Others will claim that the copy has to come first – that without the words it is impossible to develop the right visual.

In order to be effective, a law firm website’s photography and copy must be developed in harmony with each other. They must make sense together in a way that motivates prospects and opens their minds to the benefits of working with your firm. They should offer a vision that goes beyond the literal into the potential.

A strong dominant picture should illustrate desired outcomes: the security of a home, the success of a business or the ability of an injured individual to live a full life. These pictures do not show what your firm does, literally, nor do they focus on situational details like a city, a local courthouse or the building in which your firm is located. They show results.

A great picture or illustration also needs great copy. Words matter. Research shows that people are drawn to headlines, and in some cases spend more time reading copy than they do looking at pictures. A good lawyer website will take advantage of this fact by using strong headlines that build on the benefit illustrated in graphic elements. Why is a family able to play happily in their back yard? Because your firm helped them feel secure through proper planning.

The feeling that is evoked through effective picture and headline combinations can help establish trust and allow prospects to connect with your firm. When users connect with your message and understand how you can help them, they are more likely to call.