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Autumn is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Legal Marketing

As the humidity vanishes from the air and the leaves begin to change, lawyers should also look at their legal marketing strategy. What you do in the next three months can lay the foundation for a stronger 2012 with a fresh marketing plan.

A strong marketing strategy will more than likely begin with a new website. A custom or semi-custom website has a month or so of development time required before launching. This means that if you want to see results before next summer, you need to begin now.

The other side of online marketing is preparing for what will change. The fact that Google throws a curve ball each year into their algorithm makes change an expected part of search engine marketing.

What Should Your New Marketing Strategy Look Like?

1) Think Local – The most important element in a metropolitan lawyer's marketing plan is Google Places. Many of our marketing plan changes for 2012 are focusing on new ways to improve Google Places rankings that work with your website and natural search engine optimization.

2) Growing Content – Google's appetite for information is not going away, but only getting bigger. Your website needs to be a resource offering content and links to valuable relevant websites. Treat your website like an initial consultation, not just a brochure.

3) Multimedia Firm Building – Textual content is very important but all content is valuable. Think about starting a podcast, video podcast, creating ebooks, downloadable guides, email marketing, and other online marketing tools. Search engine optimization is only the beginning. There is a whole world of marketing tools out there that can bring in new cases.

We are excited about the upcoming change to our marketing plans and about the launch of Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys.

This fall, lay the foundation for a bigger law firm in 2012.

Let's Build a Bigger Law Firm™ Together

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