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How TV Ads and SEO Work Together for Your Firm

tv ads law firms seoA lot of law firms use television ads to increase awareness and get leads. But some lawyers who closely monitor their lead sources have seen their search engine optimization efforts improve the conversion rate of their television advertisements.

Many elements go into a successful SEO campaign. From local profiles, videos and news releases to publishing content on third party authoritative websites to onsite work that makes the law firm's website intuitive and conversion-friendly, a real SEO effort is spreading the firm's name across the Internet in multiple ways. Another way of thinking about it is message control.

When someone is watching a TV ad, they are probably not standing by to write down a phone number or a website address. But your law firm's name is easier to remember. Before calling, many people are going to Google it after seeing your commercial.

When they Google your firm, what do they see? One website and a couple of public record-based directories (, Manta, etc)? Or do they see videos, active social profiles and stories published on high profile news sites?

If your law firm is engaged in an active online marketing and SEO campaign, you are more likely to convert your television audience to a lead. At first, law firms may not credit their online marketing team for leads that originated from law firm name searches as they may feel that it’s a lead they would have received with or without the SEO efforts.

But that is not necessarily true. When following your converted leads through your website, we often see users who enter a site by searching for the law firm's name spend more time on sub-pages than visitors who get to the site by keywords. They will read articles, spend time on the blog and maybe check an attorney profile or two before using the contact form.

These visitors are beyond knowing that you exist; they are now looking for a reason to take the next step. When they Google your law firm and see social network profiles, videos, content, news stories, etc, they are seeing a leader, and you are controlling your brand's message. That is what makes SEO and TV an unlikely but successful team.

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